Club Info


The club year runs from 1st August to 31st July.

This includes Woking Archery Club Fees and the following affiliations:

• Archery GB (Main Governing body & Insurance),

• CSAA (County of Surrey Archery Association)

• SCAS (Southern Counties Archery Society)

Club Annual Membership Fees

New Members 2023-2024

Senior (25 and over) £162 + Joining fee £57.50
Senior archers with disabilities (25 and over) £114 + Joining fee £18
Senior (18 to 24 inclusive) £96 + Joining fee £18
Junior (under 18s) £72 + joining fee £18

The joining fee equates to the first 12 months affiliation fees which we have to pay out as soon as you join.
Thereafter all fees include AGB/CSAA/SCAS affiliations, as above.
Payment can be made in full or by a monthly standing order.
Contact the club for Associate membership or Holiday rate for students affiliated through a university club.

The Committee

For a full list and contact details of the committee [click here]


Woking Archery Club is affiliated to Archery GB, through which you obtain your shooting insurance, and without this insurance you cannot shoot at the club, nor compete at local/regional/national competitions.
The Rules of Shooting can be obtained from the Archery GB website, together with relevant amendments. It is recommended that you obtain copies and have a look at the sections relevant to the shooting discipline(s) you decide to follow. The website address is: Look at the ‘About’ section on Archery GB for other useful documents.

Please visit our Resources Page [click here] for the Archery GB Membership Portal and for other helpful resources.