The Field – Guide

Field Layout – Explanation

In order to be seen, to be NOT LAYING DOWN THE LAW I am going to say right at the start that the Field Layout is how your committee see the best use being made of the Field – with little disruption and total independence for the shooting you wish to do.

This is not a list of rules – never to be altered or over ruled, more a request to avoid problems.

Car Parking: please park to the right of the track or at the very far end to the left of the Vodafone mast – the gates should be closed once you are on site. If you are the last to leave please lock the top gate (Unless the RHS are working – up to 16:00 weekdays)

Cabins: members will be issued with a code for the locks PLEASE ensure all cabins are locked with all targets put away if you are the last to leave.

Basically the field is to be run as one large area, controlled by one whistle, so that everyone can go and get their arrows together, however, in order to allow club shooting on a Tuesday evening with beginners courses also taking place the field has been split in to two areas. There is a safety area marked by red posts, beginners courses will be run to the left of these posts and members wishing to shoot should keep to the right of the area. No one should place targets or walk in the safety area.

On competition days, club days or at any other event shooting will be controlled under the guidance of a nominated Field Captain.

Members should also be aware that the Field has a public footpath bordering the left edge, the m25 to the right and there is an area to the back which is sometimes used by dog walkers. Archers should always shoot up the field never towards the motorway or footpath (unless there is an Organised Clout or Field Shoot)

There are a number of wheeled foam targets on the field, the target outside the marked bays to the left of the field is for use by the Clubs elite level archers only. There are four other wheeled targets and these are marked Compound or Recurve. These targets can be used by members at any distance and should be pushed to the edge of the field and staked down once members have finished using them (this allows for grass cutting). Unfortunately these targets are not suitable for Longbow use.

Target bosses, stands and faces are locked in the target store (members are provided with a combination code for the lock.

Please click on the image below to see the layout of the field.

Woking Archery Club Field