Archers’ Resources and Links

Archers’ Resources and Links

The link below if for some videos Archery GB has put together that provide an excellent resource for any member looking to develop and improve their archery.

Archery GB Coaching Resources

Archery GB Beginners Guide to Equipment

Archery GB Rules and Administration Documents

The link below gives you access to Easton’s online shaft selector which can be used to choose the spine of Easton arrows that suit your shooting style and bow setup.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to talk to fellow members.
Easton Arrow Selector

The link below is for a page on the Easton website with plenty of good information on bow and arrow tuning, from there you will be able to download a copy of their tuning guide.
The link below is an online calculator that will give you a handicap and classification for any round and score you shoot.
Various Resources’

Below is a good article to string alignment written by Andrew Smith from Perris Archery

String Alignment Article

Below is a good article explaining some of the basics of archery written by Andrew Smith from Perris Archery
Lazy Guide to Archery

Governing Bodies

World Archery
Archery GB (Grand National Archery Society)
The County of Surrey Archery Association
Southern Counties Archery Society