FLAG shoot Aug 2018

We had a great day on Sunday, shooting the second leg of the “Flag.” Field Captain, Chris Woodgate, kept everything moving along nicely, just in case the weather turned for the worst. but as it was, we only had a heavy drops of rain here and there.

The BBQ went down very well at lunch, as did the sandwiches and cakes we had after the shoot, while the results were being calculated.

Our Lady Paramount, Nicola Davies, did an excellent job of handing out the medals and it was lovely to see all 4 Clubs receive lots of medals. Congratulations to Guildford for winning the Albion Team Trophy and Junior Team Trophy this year and Alton & Four Marks winning the Windsor Team Trophy.

I must thank Kevin Molloy and Andrew Cawte from Guildford, for running the very efficient scoring programme and getting the results out quickly.

Also thank you, the archers, from all 4 Clubs – Farnham, Alton & Four Marks, Guildford and Woking Archery Club – for making the day so enjoyable.

As with all shoots, there are so many people behind the scenes helping out to make the day a success. So I wish to thank Brenda and Pete, Chris Woodgate and Kate, Susan Bayley, Dave Stickland, Alan and Alex for coming down Saturday afternoon to help set out the field and put up gazebos. And on Sunday – A huge thank you to Kelly for doing all the cooking, Nicola, Kate and Sue Cox for helping with the kitchen.

See the FLAG results here.


Helen Ruffle
Competition & Tournament Officer
Woking Archery Club

A massive thank you to Helen Ruffle who tirelessly makes sure all our shoots happen and run smoothly. If its not be immediately obvious, Helen spends many hours making sure everything is organised not just on the day but before and afterwards.